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Camping at FrogFest with all of the other froggies is part of the festival magic, and is included with weekend passes.


Day pass guests may purchase camping/overnight passes for an additional $20/night (paid upon arrival)


There are a variety of camping options:


- Tent City - Vehicle-free camping area nestled beside a lil' watering hole - splish splash!


- Car Camping - Drive into the corral and set up camp with your vehicle 


- Van & Trailer Camping - Camp in your van or trailer in the van section or in the car camping area 


Please come prepared to camp in the elements. Rain, wind, and cold may be present during the weekend. There are not many trees and we recommend that campers come with sun shade for their camp and personal sun shades suggested (such as an umbrella). We also ask that guests provide their own food & water as these will not be available on-site.

-Due to the risk of fires there will be no wood fires permitted. Propane fires are allowed. 

-Dogs welcome (leash is required at all times)

-Children under 12 do not require a ticket and will receive free entry to the fest

Be safe. Have fun. Ribbit!

Safer Spaces Policy

Our hope is that all feel welcome at FrogFest Music and Art Society’s events. As such, it is important that attendees abide by the following:

Respect others of all races, cultures, genders, sexual orientations, and identities.

Harassment and discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated.
We reserve the right to remove any patron creating an unsafe environment. 

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Sexual assault  

  • Sexual harassment 

  • Verbal Harassment 

  • Physical assault

  • Verbal assault 

  • Discriminatory harassment 

  • Bullying 


We strive to make every event fun, safe, and supportive for performers, staff, volunteers, and  attendees. If at any time you are made to feel uncomfortable or unsafe, please let a FrogFest board member know, or email . Any concerns brought to our attention will be taken seriously and addressed in accordance with our established procedures. 

Thank you for being respectful and always looking out for each other!

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