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Greetings froggies!

Thank you to all the wonderful pals that joined us for our 2020 Frog Stream!

Stay tuned for updates on our Fall 2020 programming

So much love,

The FrogFest Team



We hope you all are keeping safe during these evolving times. We appreciate everyone doing their part to stop the spread of COVID-19 locally and globally, and the selfless efforts of all the fine folks working the front lines. 

Every year at the Lilypad we learn more about what it means to be human, and at this time, we relate deeply with all of humanity. It is humbling and important to recognize our common needs, and it is beautiful when community comes together to support where it is needed (in person or not).

Art, altruism, inclusiveness, celebration, life.

These are some of the values that connect us all in the FrogFest family, and each of us froggies hop to great heights with these values as the core of our experience. We encourage you all to be there for one another. This kind of special supportive love has the ability to reach farther than imagination.



Frogfest X was an absolute success, and we are so proud of the community who contributed to this incredible experience!
To every single attendee, performer, volunteer, and personnel, we wish to extend our gratitude for all the generous displays of love, awareness, and compassion towards the land as well as fellow frogfesters.


Thank you, we love this community so much 🐸xox🐸


Enjoy this lovely video of footage from this summer’s epic festival!!!

video footage by Hans Grossman, Matt Cookson, and Phil Jukes

music by The Ashley Hundred and D-Day Lewis


poster by Daniel J. Kirk